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SATRA cares and is here to help - fast!

  SATRA Compaints Policy: Click here


SATRA will no longer accept towing complaints unless the tow has been arranged through SATRA's CALL CENTRE.

SATRA advises members of the public to channel their road rescue calls through SATRA's call centre & avoid exorbitant charges and other risks.

Prevention is always better than the cure.

Get it wrong and you may risk losing your vehicle.

SATRA is able to manage and guide you through the whole process, whether it's a breakdown or an accident. You can call SATRA 24/7 for free advice and assistance arrangement on 0861 0 SATRA (0861 0 72872)
Know who your insurer is. Your policy document will detail the name of the underwriting insurer. As an example, Santam underwrites a policy from ABC insurance brokers. If you are not insured, we do offer a 24/7 credit card facility and will always assist you.
Make sure your insurer will pay your entire towing bill. If they will only pay a portion. Or have given you a limit, we suggest you change your insurer, because you will find yourself having to negotiate on behalf of your insurer after having paid full premiums for "half a product". This will never happen if you are insured with a SATRA business partner.
If you make use of a roadside assistance product. Make sure you know your rights: in almost all cases you or your insurer will be liable to pay the costs of towing an accident-damaged vehicle.
Only use the services of the first SATRA member to arrive at the scene of an accident. You have the right to choose to use a SATRA member, who is bound by a contractually enforceable code of conduct, and protects you, the consumer, from being charged above market related rates.
Check the SATRA decal is valid and displays the current year.
Check the inventory with the SATRA member and sign it off with him. This is what we call the SATRA accident tow authorization form, which is branded with our logo.
Make sure the SATRA decal number, and registration number of the recovery vehicle is written down on the SATRA accident tow authorization form. Keep a copy on hand for yourself.
Insist that the SATRA member tows the vehicle to his yard. This is very important to make sure you're your vehicle is taken to the correct repairer. If you have instructed our member to tow the vehicle anywhere else, SATRA will not intervene.
Make sure that the accident-damaged vehicle is delivered to a repairer approved by your insurer or, if you are not insured, make sure to collect your vehicle as soon as possible to prevent the accrual of storage charges.
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SATRA cares and is here to help - fast!

Towing is Satra's business - Satra's tow Call Centre - your tow safety net for all road rescue and road emergency assist

assist 247 for all your tow needs

Don't take a chance - ensure that you call SATRA direct for every tow

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