The most dangerous job in the world?

SATRA picture book

Difficult jobs

Memorial Kerwin Johaar A1 Assist driver

The SATRA gallery pages contain glimpses of many facets of our close towing community. Towing is a hazardous job, is demanding and requires brave men and women who sit, drive, lift and recover vehicles in many a lonely situation, who not only are valuable and essential members of the South African nation, providing an important and necessary service, they also put their own safety and lives on the line to assist and service those in need, in all weather conditions, in all areas whether dangerous or safe and in all situations, even if it means risking themselves and the vehicle by which they put bread and butter on their families table. Many times they have to endure abuse without responding and their work goes without a thank you. Every day towers help people. This is their life and this is their job and SATRA is a cosmopolitan community of all races and creeds whose members, towers and families are valued and they are introduced on these satra gallery pages. This is only the beginning, these pages will continue to have more and more images added.